Feather workshop June 9th

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Yes that’s right - I am running my first feather workshop in June. All inclusive you will come to the Atelier in Hampton Street for an afternoon of creative fun.

I will pre block the shape you wish to work on from the two above - the teal is an upside down teardrop and flick and the lemon is a 40’s style percher. You will then wire the piece and sew the velvet and elastic in place. Then the feathers fly. We will cut and trim the 200 feathers required and I will show you how to work out the direction and placement before we get to the fun stuff. Each participant will walk out the door with their own feathered headpiece.

Once you have booked let me know the shape you prefer and what colour you would like to create your piece in so I can ensure I have it in stock (or so I can order for you). As I have done the. Mocking before you arrive this is for all skill levels, as long as you are handy with scissors you will be fine.

This is set to chilled poolside disco tunes, tea and coffee and compulsory snacks throughout the session

595A Hampton Street, Hampton 3188
Sunday 9th June
$395 per person
12-4pm (but don’t panic if we run over Jill will help you to finish)

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