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Myer Millinery Award Winner 

Myer Design Award winning Milliner

1st International Milliner invited into Royal Ascot Queens Collective

with Fenwicks

VAMFF Harpers Bazaar

Final Runway Milliner

MFW Opening Runway Milliner

Inspired by

Designer: MillineryJill

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Inspired by - sometimes things that may look simple can take the longest time. This is the millinery world of techniques. From taking a coloured piece of straw, deciding on design, blocking, steaming, stiffening, rolling, hand sewing, fitting, more rolling, steaming, pinning, more hand stitching, undoing, trying, stitching again and repeating until you are 100 percent happy with the placement and effect. That’s millinery and why every handmade piece is different.

This side sitting beret is inspired by bygone era techniques.

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