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Myer Millinery Award Winner 2014

Myer Design Award Milliner 2015

1st International Milliner invited into Royal Ascot Queens Collective

with Fenwicks 2019

VAMFF Harpers Bazaar

Final Runway Milliner 2019

MFW Opening Runway Milliner 2019

Red peony was $495 now $245

Designer: MillineryJill


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Ok people - here’s the latest piece. This is a different piece though. This peony is the first of my hat a day - a series I will make everyday to keep those that follow me with something pretty in their feed. She is a parisisol bandeau with feathered red peony, quill vine, feathered leaves and thorns and a hint of vintage veiling
Yes I have shut the Atelier this week, yes I have relocated home thanks to the help of great friends, but I have enough supplies to make some pretty cool stuff to make you all feel a little better. So that’s how I am going to spend my time.