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Myer Millinery Award Winner 2014

Myer Design Award Milliner 2015

1st International Milliner invited into Royal Ascot Queens Collective

with Fenwicks 2019

VAMFF Harpers Bazaar

Final Runway Milliner 2019

MFW Opening Runway Milliner 2019

Sculptural block making workshop

Designer: MillineryJill

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Sculptural block making workshop.
Have you ever wondered how to make that shape that’s in you’re head and don’t know how? After trials and the need to make my own shapes I have worked it out for you. In this workshop you will learn how to design a 3D shape, wire it, cover it and foss it. Leaving you with a totally original piece for your block library includes all materials 
Saturday 21st March
276 Highett Road
$375 per person