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Myer Millinery Award Winner 

Myer Design Award winning Milliner

1st International Milliner invited into Royal Ascot Queens Collective

with Fenwicks

VAMFF Harpers Bazaar

Final Runway Milliner

MFW Opening Runway Milliner

Silk and stars

Designer: MillineryJill


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This is a stunning western weight fur felt in steely blue/grey. So if you know someone with blue eyes and want the perfect gift - here she is. The block has just travelled to me from Europe, the silk banding is sustainably recycled vintage sari. The same sari has been hand cross stitched in blue on one side. A couple of cut outs make the home for a couple of brass stars and my signature vintage safety pin finishes the look. Made to pul down on the head at 58cm

#millinery #fedora #headwear #aw21