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Myer Millinery Award Winner 2014

Myer Design Award Milliner 2015

1st International Milliner invited into Royal Ascot Queens Collective

with Fenwicks 2019

VAMFF Harpers Bazaar

Final Runway Milliner 2019

MFW Opening Runway Milliner 2019

The Lillian

Designer: MillineryJill


The Lillian. Today’s piece is for all those who are worried about someone born in the 40’s/50’s. Lillian was the original grandmother owner of the block I shaped this on. Then to give tribute to the glamour of the period she has been graced with black velvet and vintage black velvet oak leaves that are piled atop and one falling down the black veil.
Another little piece of history on this one - the leaves were rediscovered in the shift. Originally purchased when @jennybannister sold of her treasure trove of fabrics
#millinery #bygoneera #headwear #velvethat #veiling