About Jill

Jill embarked on her millinery journey by establishing her business after years in the events and marketing sector. Balancing the demands of a young family, setting up a studio not only provided a space for her creative endeavors but also allowed her to be present for her family. Through her keen understanding of marketing and adept use of social media, Jill swiftly cultivated a dedicated following, creating a substantial online presence. Jill's professional journey has been marked by notable awards and milestones, underscoring her impact in the millinery world:

    • In 2019, she became the first international milliner selected to join the Royal Ascot Collective at Fenwicks in the UK.
    • She served as the Harpers Bazaar milliner for the grand finale runway at VAMFF in 2019.
    • Jill clinched the prestigious Myer Millinery Award in 2014 and played a pivotal role as the milliner for the winning design in the Myer Design Award in 2015.
    • Additionally, she achieved recognition as the runner-up in the worldwide Queens Diamond Jubilee Millinery Award.


    Operating from her atelier in Hampton, Melbourne, Jill ensures that every piece in her collection is meticulously finished or handcrafted. Known for her sleek and unfussy design style, characterised by clean lines, Jill has earned acclaim in the millinery realm for her expertise in floral leatherwork, featherwork, and vintage-inspired pieces. Her acute awareness of current trends and fashion, coupled with her status as a trendsetter in millinery, leads clients to request bespoke pieces up to six months in advance of events. With a remarkable social media presence, Jill has established a leading edge, evidenced by the rapid online sales of her hats, often within a minute of being shared with her followers. Her collaborations with top Australian stylists and the creation of bespoke pieces for influential figures such as Delta Goodrem, Nadia Fairfax, Melissa George, Ash Hart, Danni Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, and Francesca Culmani underscore Jill's standing in the industry. Furthermore, her work has garnered recognition on the street style pages of prominent fashion publications, including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Elle.