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Myer Millinery Award Winner 

Myer Design Award winning Milliner

1st International Milliner invited into Royal Ascot Queens Collective with Fenwicks

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Final Runway Milliner

MFW Opening Runway Milliner

General Information / T&C's


All items are shipped via Australia Post, express with signature.  Usually two post office drops are done each week.  If you require your item quicker, you can organise collection or your own courier service.

As items are sent express with signature you will be able to track your delivery once sent.  



Your headpiece will come in a suitable box for storage.  To maintain your headpiece keep it out of sunlight when you are not wearing (in the box) as items can fade over time if exposed to light.  If you have a piece that has come with tissue surrounding it, place it back within the tissue to protect.  If you have felt headwear, consider getting moth balls for your storage area for additional protection.


Custom headwear

If Jill has taken on custom work you will be sent (or read over the phone) a client profile as per below. Unless a deposit has been paid and received by Jill your work is not confirmed.

The profile is an agreement to create a piece of headwear for the client. Whilst Jill creates closely with the client, the overall aesthetic of the design may change slightly if Jill believes it benefits the design.  Every piece is individually handmade so will always be open to minor detail changes. The deposit paid ($400) is non-refundable as it covers the costs of goods purchased and time used for the creation.  The balance of the headpiece is due on completion.  Any custom headpieces are non-refundable or returnable as they have been specifically create to a brief. 


Stylist agreements

For use of millinery for editorial or campaign there will be an agreement made between Jill Humphries (Millinery Jill) and the stylist on behalf of the company engaged.  The stylist will agree to the following and a credit card will be held on file for the hireage or any costs associated.

  • The above have loaned a selection of millinery for the (xxx insert campaign xxx)
  • All hats are to be collected from and returned to Jill Humphries, Millinery Jill, 463 Highett Road, Highett, VIC 3190. In the original boxing and packaging
  • The hats are to be returned in original condition with all care taken by the stylist to ensure no makeup or damage is transferred onto the hat (i.e. tape the hat inner)
  • Any damages to the hat will see the repair costs or total hat cost charged to the stylist (only in the instance that it cannot be repaired at hat value)
  • Jill (@MillineryJill) will be included in any copy and social media posts 
  • Jill will have access to repost images once they have been released from (xxx insert campaign/company/stylist/photographer xxx)

With thanks and appreciation for you support

x Jill